Purdm – Your Own Expense Manager

Purdm Promo Video

Purrrr…diem. PURDM is a open source expense manager/host it yourself solution web application. It allows you to host your own expense manager that you can access via web and mobile application. This means you have full control of your data and not some other company. You can delete your application and all your data will be gone. Keep companies out of your business with PURDM.

PURDM dashboard


  • Dashboard showing net worth and month income vs expenses
  • Insights giving drill down of your expense. You can change the date ranges.
  • Calendar so you can see went you made certain purchases
  • Create as many accounts as you need
  • Recurring transactions
  • Insights on specific categories and expenses
  • Colourful graphs and charts
  • Mobile application
  • Add multiple users
  • Download/Upload Transactions any time you want
  • Get frequent updates


Purdm is available on github check it our here. You can also download the mobile app here.

Purdm on google play

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