Purdm – Your Own Expense Manager

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Purrrr…diem. PURDM is a open source expense manager/host it yourself solution web application. It allows you to host your own expense manager that you can access via web and mobile application. This means you have full control of your data and not some other company. You can delete your application and all your data will be gone. Keep companies out of your business with PURDM.

PURDM dashboard


  • Dashboard showing net worth and month income vs expenses
  • Insights giving drill down of your expense. You can change the date ranges.
  • Calendar so you can see went you made certain purchases
  • Create as many accounts as you need
  • Recurring transactions
  • Insights on specific categories and expenses
  • Colourful graphs and charts
  • Mobile application
  • Add multiple users
  • Download/Upload Transactions any time you want
  • Get frequent updates


Purdm is available on github check it our here. You can also download the mobile app here.

Purdm on google play

CSR Desktop App

CSR is a small desktop application built using JAVA SE that allows users to keep track of visitors and appointments. Tasks that a Customer Service Representative might have to do made easier.

CSR Screenshot


  • Create and Keep track of visitors
  • Manage Appointments
  • Create simple notes and sort by date
  • Create Messages
  • Search
  • Download records as csv
  • Send emails
  • Import and export csv


CSR is hosted for download at source force. You can check it out there. https://sourceforge.net/projects/csr-portal/


You can view this on GitHub as well. https://github.com/wyntonfranklin/csr-portal

LeaveTracker Web

LeaveTracker web aims to provide the same features as LeaveTracker mobile and more. Access it on your computer and always know how much days you have remaining.


  • Dashboard overview
  • Add Leave Date
  • View leave taken in calendar view
  • Comprehensive Reports – create reports
  • Export reports to PDF
  • Create alerts for your colleagues
  • Email Templates
  • Full Search
  • Cool UI


LeaveTracker web application was built using PHP and the YII framework with JavaScript and jQuery. It has a MySQL database and runs on a linux server.


You can check out this application via my main website http://lvtracker.igestdevelopment.com.



Tired of keep track of your days off from work using a calendar, or paper only to lose it. Let LeaveTracker save you 🙂

LeaveTracker is a mobile application built on android to fix this problem. LeaveTracker allows users to keep track of their sick, vacation, personal and other leave.


  • Add multiple days at a time
  • Export records to PDF
  • Add half days as am or pm
  • Clear all records
  • Share any number of records
  • Negative Days
  • Pie Chart View
  • Add special notes for days taken
  • Add other type of leave


A useful and well thought out app. Very handy for keeping track of the number of days of vacation, sick and other leave. The facility to backup the leave database to a csv file and later restore it is a welcome addition. Good communication with developer.

A Happy customer


You can find LeaveTracker to download at the Google Play store.

Download Leave Tracker