CSR Desktop App

CSR is a small desktop application built using JAVA SE that allows users to keep track of visitors and appointments. Tasks that a Customer Service Representative might have to do made easier.

CSR Screenshot


  • Create and Keep track of visitors
  • Manage Appointments
  • Create simple notes and sort by date
  • Create Messages
  • Search
  • Download records as csv
  • Send emails
  • Import and export csv


CSR is hosted for download at source force. You can check it out there. https://sourceforge.net/projects/csr-portal/


You can view this on GitHub as well. https://github.com/wyntonfranklin/csr-portal

LeaveTracker Web

LeaveTracker web aims to provide the same features as LeaveTracker mobile and more. Access it on your computer and always know how much days you have remaining.


  • Dashboard overview
  • Add Leave Date
  • View leave taken in calendar view
  • Comprehensive Reports – create reports
  • Export reports to PDF
  • Create alerts for your colleagues
  • Email Templates
  • Full Search
  • Cool UI


LeaveTracker web application was built using PHP and the YII framework with JavaScript and jQuery. It has a MySQL database and runs on a linux server.


You can check out this application via my main website http://lvtracker.igestdevelopment.com.



Tired of keep track of your days off from work using a calendar, or paper only to lose it. Let LeaveTracker save you 🙂

LeaveTracker is a mobile application built on android to fix this problem. LeaveTracker allows users to keep track of their sick, vacation, personal and other leave.


  • Add multiple days at a time
  • Export records to PDF
  • Add half days as am or pm
  • Clear all records
  • Share any number of records
  • Negative Days
  • Pie Chart View
  • Add special notes for days taken
  • Add other type of leave


A useful and well thought out app. Very handy for keeping track of the number of days of vacation, sick and other leave. The facility to backup the leave database to a csv file and later restore it is a welcome addition. Good communication with developer.

A Happy customer


You can find LeaveTracker to download at the Google Play store.

Download Leave Tracker