These common functions solve easy programming problems

Functions have a lot of relevance in programming. When developing code you might find these common usage of functions that solve some of your common problems. There is a right way to use functions but in the wild a lot of things are used differently that expected. Once the results and security is still in … Continue reading These common functions solve easy programming problems

Learn Flask today with this awesome tutorial

In this beginner tutorial you will learn how to get started quickly using the flask python micro framework. Some of the topics in this tutorial are listed below. How to install FlaskHello World - basic setupWorking with routesUsing templates (Rendering HTML content)Posting formsWorking with databasesAdd assetsCreating an APIUser Authentication View the tutorial here on

Recursion with JavaScript and PHP

Recently in building an open source expense manager to replace the one I was using I encounter an interesting scenario. I wanted the application to be updated frequently. During the update process the user should be given a status update when the application is being updated. The tasks to update the application is long running … Continue reading Recursion with JavaScript and PHP