Hi, my name is Wynton Franklin. wfTutorials was created to motivate me to keep learning. There are so many things in software development that you have to keep up to date in. Unfortunately arbitrarily learning things isn’t very rewarding or quantifiable. wfTutorials is a reflection of all the technologies I have interacted with and plan to interact with. For every new language or framework I create mini applications that teach me the fundamentals of technology. Blogging about the learning process is extremely rewarding for its own sake. Hopefully however someone will be helped by the tutorials that I create.

No language is off the table. I aim to touch and have an understanding of as many technologies as possible. I also have an deep interest in micro-controllers and robotics. So eventually I aim to create tutorials about my interaction with those tools.

About Me

I am a software developer from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. I have a degree in Software Engineering and diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I have worked in software development for over four years now. I have a load of unique and not so unique ideas for different applications that I work on a regular basis. I believe in clean coding and properly structuring your applications. I don’t have a favorite language but I am fond of Java.