Broadcasting messages with

sockets broadcast preview

Continuing where we left off. We now attempt to send broadcasts to all connected clients.

Lets modify an event to enable broadcasting.

  socket.on('message-from-client', function(msg) {
    socket.broadcast.emit('broadcast-to-client',{ message: msg.message });

We add broadcasting in the message-from-client event. When we receive a message from a client we want to send it to other clients. So we execute the broadcast emit function and create a event broadcast-to-client.

socket.broadcast.emit('broadcast-to-client',{ message: msg.message });

You can use the above code where you need to broadcast your message.

In the client we just need to catch this event named broadcast-to-client.

   socket.on('broadcast-to-client', function(data){
        response.innerHTML = data.message;

When we receive a broadcast we update the response jumbotron to view the message we received. We update the current clients’ jumbotron manually. You can see this in the submit button event handler.

      var clientMessage = message.value;
      response.innerHTML = clientMessage; 
      socket.emit('message-from-client', {
          message: clientMessage

We update the current response jumbotron before we emit the message-from-client event and pass the data to the server.

App.js File

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