wfTutorials is about learning new languages and frameworks. The software development landscape changes very quickly and as a software developer it is up to you to learn the new technologies that are out there. Why? Why not. But if you need a better reason it is to separate yourself from the pack. Being a specialist developer is great. Having a niche is great but understanding other ways and means to accomplish the same goal also has its benefits. This is why I choose to expand my knowledge in different areas. It is also because software development is really cool and I also like to learn.

The topics I choose are at random. Generally I aim to have an insight into has many languages that are currently out there. The main ones at least. Frameworks come and go but during my professional experience I know of some really good ones but I haven’t really tried them out as yet. I started this site as a way to give value to my own learning process, as just randomly learning technologies isn’t very marketable or doesn’t seem very valuable. I know that these tutorials may eventually benefit someone one day..maybe. These tutorials are not necessarily for beginners but can be used by beginners. I will host the completed applications on GitHub for anyone to download and use.

Currently I need to learn more PHP frameworks and JavaScript frameworks. Also I aim to understand spring applications and C#. Further down the road languages like C++ will be explored.

The applications I will create are simple. I will create ToDo applications, note taking and event apps. But the aim is that they will cover all the areas of a web or desktop application. So where relevant they should have user authentication, crud operations, session management, api access etc. So they should be fully functionally. But they will be basic applications and will have simple user interfaces as well.

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